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I am the "we" here at Stevens Creek Models. No, my name is not Steven. My company takes its name from the creek located about a block from where I live in Cupertino, California. My name is Ken Lunders.

I have been model railroading since around 1997. About that time I wandered into a hobby shop and found an issue of RMC I had to buy & take home. I joined the NMRA soon after. A couple of years later I took on the Pacific Coast Region job of Contest Chairman following Tony Thompson's tenure. I held that position for about 4 years. After making the Region's rule book (Contest Directory) electronically accessible on the web, and accomplishing most of the rest of what I wanted, I vacated the job to become a plain old member once again.

I hooked up with other modelers in the area and helped put together the 2004 National Narrow Gauge Convention in Santa Clara. I organized the contest room, and designed and maintained the convention web site. I was also lucky to be a part of the Yosemite Short Line On30 sectional layout group. We built the layout to show at the convention. You can see more about the layout & group here on the web page created by Jim Eckman.

Like many model railroaders, I think model building is one of the funner parts of the hobby. When I produced kits I tried to make them both enjoyable and challenging to build. The kit portion of the business has been sold. RSLaserKits is now in the process of reissuing some of them. I hope you will give them a try.

Another hobby of mine is photography. The picture at the top of the page is a self portrait I created for a contest. I call it "Photograme" (pronounced pho-TOG-ra-me). I did not win, but it was fun to participate. I took the photo with my Nikon D80 camera mounted with a Nikkor 28-105mm macro zoom lens. About 5 minutes work in Photoshop using the Topaz Adjust 4.0 plug-in gave the photo its unusual look.

We will soon be going on a trip to Death Valley National Park: One of my favorites. We usually go away for most of a week. One thing about the desert is that you never can know for certain what kind of weather you'll have. Even though it will be February when we go, we have had 80 degree heat in the valley in prior visits in February, with windy cold evenings higher up that had me wearing a down parka over my fleece jacket. In our many visits we haven't seen rain, though it has threatened. We have had dust & sand storms in the valley though. Anyway, it is fun and we always have a GREAT time. If you have the opportunity to go, don't pass it up! Naturally, I have taken lots of photos and selected 78 for you to look at if you like. Here is a sample:

Clouds and Dust

The rest can be seen on the web here in an album, or here as a slide show. The links will open in new windows.

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