Stevens Creek Models

Laser Cut Glazing Adhesives



There are at least 3 adhesives that work with varying degrees of goodness when attaching Stevens Creek Models Laser Cut Glazing to window & door castings. Canopy cement, sometimes known as watch crystal cement & the like (Micro-Mark has some listed as their part #80343) works well. You can usually find some type of it at hobby shops that cater to RC airplane modelers.

Another less toxic type that works well would be either of the Aleene's Tacky Glues. I like the silver label because it dries quickly. Almost every craft or stationary store sells it. After the glazing has been put in place I use the tip of a toothpick to apply small dabs of the glue in the corners of the castings, or other areas where it won't show from the outside. Since it is water soluble, I can usually clean up goofs easily before it dries.

Another adhesive I haven't tried but have heard works okay is Micro-Mark Micro Glaze. This is their part #80894. I've had some of this stuff around for a while but like the tacky glue & canopy cement so well I never got around to trying it as an adhesive.

All three of these types of adhesive dry clear. Regardless of the type I use I am always careful to keep the adhesive off any surface that may be visible from the outside. Since my glazing is plastic and not glass I _never_ use ACC to glue it in.

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31 July, 2003